For our Patients



What to expect

Your specialist has the knowledge and skills to explain your diagnosis and the treatment options available to you.  The primary job of a medical oncologist is managing cancer. 

During the course of your treatment, your specialist needs to correctly diagnose and assess the stage of your cancer, recommend and implement a treatment plan and monitor your progress.

Depending on your circumstances, different treatments and combinations of treatments will be discussed with you.  Common treatments include chemotherapy, combined chemotherapy and radiotherapy, immunotherapy, clinical trials, hormone therapy and follow-up care.  You will be given information about your treatment drugs, their effectiveness and side effects.

You are always welcome to bring along a support person, family member or friend to your appointments.

Upon arrival you will be asked to weigh yourself on our scales.  Your height will also be recorded.  The receptionist will write these in your file – if you prefer not to state your weight out loud, please ask the staff for a piece of paper to write on and hand that back to them.

Any imaging examinations/appointments (ie CT, MRI, x-ray, ultrasound and nuclear scans etc.) will be booked by our staff, if required, within the month, otherwise it is the patients’ responsibility to schedule their own appointments.  If you are organising your own booking please ensure that you take the referral and have the procedure performed at least one week prior to your next appointment with the doctor.

 On the day of your consultation please bring:

    • Completed ‘Patient Information Sheet’ and ‘Test Result Check-list’
    • Medicare card & Health Care Card only
    • Veterans’ Affairs card (if applicable)
    • Private Health Fund card or details
    • Relevant X-rays/CT Scans


This practice aims to provide the highest standards in the management, investigation and treatment of patients with all stages of cancer.

In comparison to a hospital based clinic, our specialists receive no direct government subsidy, nor support for the purchase of equipment and the employment of staff.

In order to maintain our standards of patient care our fees are set to reflect the added cost of services provided.

Full payment of your account is required on the day of your consultation.

We accept cash, cheques, most credit cards and EFTPOS.

Please Note: If paying your account by cheque, the cheque is to be made out to the Doctor seen in the consultation.

SERVICE Fee paid on the day Medicare Rebate Out of pocket
Initial Complex Consult 132 374.00 231.35 142.65
Review Complex Consult 133 187.50 115.85 71.65
New Issue Consult *110 259.00 132.30 126.70
Review Consult *116 134.00 66.25 67.75